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Phillis is the founder and principal consultant for Resilient At Work.  She has three decades of experience as a labor and employment lawyer working in conflict environments all over the world including Afghanistan, Uganda and Nepal.  She has defended the federal government’s largest employers, including the Departments of Homeland Security, Defense and Justice, as well as Fortune 100 companies, in hundreds of legal actions with billions of dollars and reputations at risk.  Phillis has advised CEOs, Cabinet secretaries, military generals, and senior executive service members.  For her advisory work in Afghanistan, Phillis was awarded the NATO Service Medal, Secretary of Defense Medal for the Global War on Terrorism, and Joint Civilian Service Achievement Award.

As strategic advisor, Phillis’s areas of engagement have included affirmative action, conflict management, disability, discrimination, diversity and inclusion, drug testing, employee discipline, employee engagement, equal pay, human resource policy and management, labor and employment laws, sexual harassment and misconduct, privacy, union organizing, and workplace investigations. 

Phillis has trained thousands of leaders, managers, attorneys, human resource, equal opportunity and labor relations professionals, and is the author of numerous publications, including "The Federal Labor Relations Manual:  Your Guide to Navigating the Law,” a leading treatise used by labor professionals throughout the federal government.

Having worked with the practices and the wisdom derived from them for 15 years, Phillis is confident that mindfulness will help workers gain real-time insight into their thinking and behavior, which is so often unconscious, reactionary and problem generating.  With this insight, workers can begin to more effectively cultivate wise and compassionate leadership, combat sexual harassment, discrimination, and conflict, and reduce litigation risk for their organizations.  In fact, 30-plus years of scientific research on mindfulness has confirmed its beneficial effects across a number of domains, including wellness, employee engagement, conflict management, performance and team building. 

Phillis has studied and practiced mindfulness meditation with teachers, mostly in Asia, for 15 years.  She is active on the American Bar Association’s Attorney Well-Being committee, is a certified executive coach and yoga teacher, and has taught mindfulness meditation and yoga in the U.S. and Asia to hundreds of people seeking to gain clarity, insight, and calmness in their lives. 

Phillis is committed to working with organizations and individuals in ways that seek to shift thinking so that a process of integrated, sustained development can occur.