Resilient At Work


Helping organizations develop more resilient workers through mindfulness


Phillis Morgan, Esq.

Phillis is the founder and principal consultant for Resilient At Work.  She has three decades of experience as a labor and employment lawyer working in conflict environments all over the world including Afghanistan, Uganda and Nepal. 

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Here are some of the organizations we've worked with.

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Why Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Builds Resilience and Increases Overall Well-Being  

  • By providing you with tools to increase self awareness
  • By helping you recognize your reactive patterns to distressing events and find ways to skillfully respond rather than mindlessly react
  • By helping you recognize your thinking patterns and how you relate to them, and to find ways of skillfully working with them

Mindfulness Strengthens Working Relationships

Positive relationships help create productive teams, which in turn, ultimately impact a company’s bottom line.  When employees engage in mindfulness practices, they feel more engaged and have a greater sense of connectedness, fostering greater collaboration.

Mindfulness Promotes Improved Performance

Employees’ ability to self-regulate thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is linked to performance and employee well-being.  When employees engage in mindfulness practices, they gain improved awareness, emotional stability and control.  This helps employees better self-regulate, which contributes to improved workplace performance.